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Spanish cedar, guava, Cuban Espresso Sets Cigar City Apart

Florida is yet another place with a growing beer scene.  You of course have heard of Cigar City Brewing, taking tastebuds by storm.  Even the Washington Post is taking notice.  Their brewing techniques include Spanish cedar, chiles, and Cuban coffee have really put the Tampa based brewery on the map.  An excerpt from today’s Wash-post:

Tampa’s nickname is “The Big Guava,” so Redner made a Belgian-style saison using guava. Cuban heritage – and Cuban coffee – also is important to the city, so Redner made an ale that included Cuban roasted espresso. He and Wambles also took one of their ale recipes and brewed three different batches with three different kinds of mushrooms, achieving an added earthiness to beer. They’ve used peaches, jalapenos, cocoa and pumpkins in their beers. And one of the more popular styles is an oatmeal raisin cookie ale that tastes like a liquid cookie.

Cigar City just made the jump into Georgia with limited distribution to begin.