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Smuttynose Brews In England

David Yarrington & J.T. Thompson of Smuttynose Brewing are on their way to England.  The duo will be brewing a special batch of beer for English pub chain JD Wetherspoon.  They won’t be alone.  The collaboration will be brewed with the brewers at Wadworth Brewery.   The idea was born last summer with Thompson and Yarrington were approached by Naked Brands (an importer.)

Cool stuff: The brewhouse there is steam engine powered.

The Beer: Dubbed Murrican Mild.  It will bring together German hops, Belgian Malts, and British yeast.

The Sadness:  You’ll probably never see this Smuttynose/Wadworth beer in the states.  There are almost 800 Wetherspoon pubs throughout the UK.