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Smooth Hoperator. Sade CD Not Included

Stoudt’s Brewing (Adamstown, PA) announced the return of “Smooth Hoperator,” their American style doppelbock next week.  Smooth was first released in honor of Stoudt’s 20th anniversary in 2007.  The dopple is a blend of German malts, American hops, & brewing love from Stoudt family.

About the beer:
This medium bodied, copper colored strong lager is in a class all by itself.  First released in celebration of our 20th Anniversary.  Ed Stoudt calls this beer an “American style Dopplebock.”  He believes it to be the first high gravity lager brewed with German malts and American hops.  This brew has a delicate malty palate up front, which is abruptly overshadowed by the dominating hop presence that can be attributed to the 1.5 lbs per barrel of hops added to this brew.

Style: Dopplebock
Hops: Amarillo (aroma) Summit (bittering)
Malts: 2 Row, Vienna, & More

Taste Expectations: Sweet malts.  Biscuit & caramel.  Hops of grapefruit & pine.  A blend of IPA & malty bock.

Availability: 12oz/6pks. Draft.

7% ABV

Song in your head now? Indulge —> Smooth Operator