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Sly Fox Debuting Removable Lid Beer Cans

Ok, let’s review. You’ve seen wide mouth cans, punch top cans and more. Sly Fox (Phoenixville, PA) will debut the full lid pop top next week. As you can see above, you literally pull the top off the can and drink it like it’s a glass. According to the brewery, the lids are 30% lighter than a beer cap, meaning less waste/less to have to recycle.  What about the lip of the can? Is it sharp? Why does this beer taste like blood?

The lip of the can is safe, and will not cut your lip upon drinking. It passes various sharp tests used in testing children’s toys.  Look for the debut locally in early April.


One thought on “Sly Fox Debuting Removable Lid Beer Cans

  1. Is pull-off tops really a good idea? Some of us remember what the old smaller pull tabs did years ago – the ground was littered with pull tabs from cans. Now these even bigger pull-off tops are going to start littering the ground.

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