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Slumbrew Trekker Tripel Debuts

Slumbrew Trekker TripelA newbie from Somerville BrewingSlumbrew Trekker Tripel.   So named for a special backpack that has accompanied the owners on many a beer journey.  The beer debuts today in Massachusetts.

From Caitlin:

I have this old orange ‘Beer Trekking’ backpack. It’s featured on the Trekker Trippel bottle. I’ve been hauling in on every beer journey for fifteen years- wow – since 1998. Like most beer travelers, I also have a giant collection of coasters, patches and stickers as well as volumes of hand written journals. My favorite bits are the diagrams and drawings.

Recently, we were discussing beer travel destinations and helping some Slumbrew fans with some out of the way west coast itineraries. I think our favorite places were the hardest to find and always recommended to us by passionate beer Trekkers, most of which were total strangers. Some of the most interesting and meaningful conversations I’ve ever had were with brilliant strangers at the bar in out of the way brewing places like Astoria Oregon.

The spirit of beer trekking includes boldly going where you’ve never gone before (heh- Star Trek reference) and seeking out new life and new civilizations. Over the last ten years, we traveled more than 10,000 miles per year specifically on ‘beer research’ trips. All of these travels, visits, tastings and tours helped inspire our ideas about the marketing and creation of our own beers and brand.

Last year we launched Slumbrew and had our son Nathan. We’re proud to report that he visited 29 breweries in his first 55 days. Granted, wewere in Oregon, but we’ve vowed to keep visiting, sampling, learning and traveling. In summary Trekker is our tribute to you the beer traveler and to all the folks we shared a pint with on road. Slainte! Sample carefully and safe travels. Caitlin

Style: Tripel
Availability: 22 oz bombers

9.5% ABV