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Slight Delay In Sierra Nevada’s Canning Line

The world waits for Sierra Nevada Brewing’s cans.  Bill Manley, SN’s PR lead mentioned on Beer Advocate that 60% of the canning line has arrived, but the filler (the name tells you what it does) is delayed.  ETA now is January, 2012.

We have about 60% of the canning line here at the brewery, but there has been a delay getting the filler here as originally planned. (they’re now saying September.)

I would be surprised to see any cans on the market before January 2012. Once we get the line here and installed, we’ll need a few weeks/months of trials before going full-bore. After that I suspect we’ll do a soft release here in California and then move out to the rest of the country.

We’ll just have to be patient I suppose, although, I’m as eager as everyone else to get cans here ASAP… I love me some canned beer in the summer so we can’t get this up and running soon enough!


[Pic is a mock up via CraftCans]

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