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Pretty Things Silently Launches Beer

“Magnifico!” is a draft only summer release by Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project in Boston, Massachusetts. Funny thing is that they didn’t, tell anyone.

This session, draft only, Massachusetts only offering was quitely launched on August 4th.

 Literally we stayed “radio silent” all night and drank lots of beer waiting to see what might happen.

Showing how quickly information can travel these days, the hardcore drinking brethren figured it out.  The Pretty Things group starting a Boston area pub crawl around 7 pm, and word quickly spread.  By 10 pm, people were showing up in places serving the 3.4% beer wanting to drink it.   Now, this silent summer offering is available in Massachusetts until the kegs run out.

About Magnifico:

Magnifico is a project we’ve been thinking about for quite some time: a highly drinkable, full flavoured low gravity beer. For this we weren’t talking about close-to-5% either, but much smaller. On brew day we set our sights on 8 degrees Plato (i.e. a VERY low amount of sugars to start with) to make a 2.5% beer, but we hit 8.3. The beer fermented down a tad more than we thought it would, which is how we ended up at 3.4%.

Magnifico is super drinkable, but it’s full bodied and not watery. Bitterness lends to its drinkability as well, splitting the beer down the middle and requiring of you another sip! The beer finishes with Sterling & Magnum hops.

We’re not sure how long you’ll see Magnifico or if we’ll ever be able to brew him again. Hopefully if you’re in MA you’ll find yourself some Magnifico on draught!