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Sixpoint Founder Lost Girlfriend, Lived Out Of Brewery In Name Of Success

You have to work hard to be successful. Success requires a certain degree of sacrifice to gain it.  Sixpoint Craft Ales founder Shane Welch mentions to Chris Drosner of the Wisconsin State Journal, some of the personal sacrifice it took to get there.

At one point in the brewery’s development, Shane gave up his apartment to put extra cash in the business.  He ended up living at the brewery.  That didn’t go over too well with the girlfriend at the time, losing that relationship.  I wonder if he’d do it all over again to be where he is now? I’d lean towards yes.  [WisconsinStateJournal]

Little side note from Drosner’s interview: Sixpoint is experimenting with New York wild yeasts, and even MOLD in fermentation.  Could be the next big thing.  Who knows.