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Sierra Nevada to Team Up with 12 Breweries

Sierra-Nevada-Logo2To celebrate the opening of the North Carolina brewery, Sierra Nevada Brewing is scheming up some beers featuring revered craft brewers across the country. One beer per brewery will be released in the summer of 2014 in a variety 12 packs. This will also include festivals with no specific path determined yet. The following breweries will be visiting Chico to develop recipes and brew:

“We want to highlight the success of craft beer, not just our own next step. Craft brewers are a close bunch, and we’ve all helped each other get to this point. This is a fun way to showcase even just a fraction of the talent that’s out there, and somehow 12 beers doesn’t feel like enough. If this weren’t already a logistical mammoth, we’d brew with even more of our great peers.” Ken Grossman, Sierra Nevada’s founder.