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Sierra Nevada makes first-ever acquisition, Sufferfest Beer Co.


Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. has made their first-ever acquisition, Sufferfest Beer Co.

Sufferfest Beer Co. is a young brewery, launched back in 2016 in San Francisco, California. Founder and CEO Caitlin Landesberg had been searching for a beer that was the perfect thirst quencher for someone with an active lifestyle. Eventually, that search led her to create her own recipes with a brewmaster and ultimately, Sufferfest Beer Co. was born.

Sufferfest beers are intentionally brewed to be low in carbohydrates, with some being extremely gluten reduced (Less than 5 parts per million.)

Sierra Nevada’s President and CEO said today – “While still in its infancy, Sufferfest is at the front of the wave of ‘functional’ alcoholic beverages. By joining with Sierra Nevada, Sufferfest will be better positioned to grow and continue to lead the way in a rapidly growing and highly competitive space.”

The intention of the acquisition is to better position Sufferfest to grow in a highly competitive space of healthy beer options, including gluten-reduced and gluten-free offerings.

The terms of the deal have not been disclosed, but the deal is for 100% of Sufferfest Beer Co.