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Shiner Spring Ale Dortmunder Style

You have seen this beer before under another name – Shiner Frost.   Frost like this spring ale are dortmunder ales.  This style first originated in Dortmund, Germany in 1873.  It’s pale lager was first brewed by Dortmunder Union for the industrial workers of Dortmund.   The Dortmunder style is influenced heavily from Pilsner, a golden beer with noble hops. (Noble hops, are more for beer bittering, and not strong hop aroma like IPA’s.)  I agree with Shiner, this is a better beer for spring.

Commercial Description:
Shiner Dortmunder has a smooth, well-rounded flavor – the perfect fit for any Springtime activity. Because of the unique nature of the style, Shiner Dortmunder is sure to satisfy the palate of a diverse crowd.

Style: Dortmunder

Taste Expectations: Light & pale malts give a sweet flavor to this beer.  Grainy, biscuity, light. Noble hops.

Availability: 12oz/6pks. Draft. Spring seasonal.

5.5% ABV

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