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Shiner Sees Red This Summer

Spoetzel Brewing, makers of Shiner are launching a new summer seasonal – Ruby Redbird.  Apparently in place of Shiner Smokehaus. This year summer is more citrus, less smoke.

Commercial Description:
Shiner Ruby Redbird is brewed with genuine Texas Rio Red Grapefruit, the signature sweet citrus of the Rio Grande Valley, and ginger. This lager beer features grapefruit tartness and finishes with a ‘lil kick of ginger. With Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit and Ginger, Shiner Ruby Redbird is sure to be a crisp and refreshing summer beer.

Availability: 12oz/6pks. Draft.

Arrival: April, 2011

5 thoughts on “Shiner Sees Red This Summer

  1. Tried it last night.  WOW.
    Went back for a 6 today.  Grapefruit hardly detectable other than it is very “refreshing,” ginger is right there, light on the hops.  But most Shiner is very light in the hops.

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