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SEASONAL RETURN: Southern Tier’s “Gemini”

Southern Tier Brewing (Lakefront, NY) releases 2 beers in January – Backburner Barleywine, and Gemini.  Gemini is a bold imperial IPA that is actually a blend of 2 other hoppy offerings by the brewery – Hoppe & Unearthly.  The offspring is a beer worth a trip to the store.

Commercial Description:
High in the winter sky, two parallel stick figures are visible & known as “the twins,” or the constellation Gemini. The astronauts of the 1960s flew as teams of two in a program named after the celestial pairing. At Southern Tier, we have our own fraternal twins, Hoppe & Unearthly. Blended together & placed in this vessel, the mission of our Gemini is to travel high & take passengers on a journey far into the heavens.

Style: Imperial IPA (blended)
Hops: (Kettle) Columbus, Chinook, Cascade. (Aroma) Amarillo. (Hop Back) Styrian Golding.  (Dry Hops) Amarillo, Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Columbus.
Malts: 2 Row Pale, Malted White Wheat, Cara-pils Malt, Red Wheat

Taste Expectations: The wheat really softens the mouthfeel of this beer.  Hoppy for sure, with grapefruit, citrus & pine shining through. Creamy & smooth. Drink fresh!

Availability: 22oz bombers. Draft.  Late January seasonal.

10.5% ABV