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Saint Arnold Sailing Santa returns November 14th

Saint Arnold Sailing Santa

Saint Arnold Sailing Santa returns for the 2016 season on November 14th.

Sailing Santa is a blend of the brewery’s Christmas Ale and Elissa IPA, with spices added to the brew. Saint Arnold brews Christmas Ale, then Elissa IPA and blend together in the fermenter. They then add spices at the end. Additionally, last year’s edition added Snap hops for an additional spice.

…The result is a pleasantly hoppy strong dark ale with spices. The genesis of this beer came from our customers on tours asking to blend the two beers with somebody coming up with the name Sailing Santa.

Last year we added Snap hops, which is actually a blend of hops, spices and botanicals. We can tell you that the new hop, added at the end of fermentation, adds a ginger snap aroma and a complexity that makes Sailing Santa taste like the holidays.

Saint Arnold was able to acquire Snap hops again this year, making an edition similar to last year’s beer. Saint Arnold Sailing Santa is available in 22oz bottles and draft starting November 14th for a limited time.

Style: IPA (w/ Spices)
Availability: 22oz Bottles, Draft
Latest Return: 11/14/16

5.7% ABV

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Boulevard Collaboration No. 6 Barrel Aged Blend with Firestone Walker

Boulevard Collaboration No. 6 Barrel Aged Blend

Boulevard Collaboration No. 6 Barrel Aged Blend brings California based brewery, Firestone Walker into the mix for this latest series addition. This 750 mililiter release is a blend of two Boulevard and two Firestone Walker beers.

At 45% of the blend, Boulevard’s Bourbon Barrel Quad makes up the largest portion of the beer, followed by Firestone Walker Stickee Monkee at an additional 35%. The last 20% consists of Boulevard Imperial Stout X – Tart Cherry (whiskey barrel-aged), and Firestone Walker Velvet Merkin at 10% each.

Boulevard Collaboration No. 6 Barrel Aged Blend is a limited release on draft and 750ml bottles.

Style: American Strong Ale
Availability: 750ml Bottles, Draft. Limited release.
Release: November, 2016 


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Goodbye Pope, Hello Lost Abbey Sede Vacante

In celebration of the Papal Vacancy The Lost Abbey has a new creation to launch. Sede Vacante Ale (Latin for vacant seat) is a blend of barleywine aged in cognac barrels and Angel’s Share aged in brandy barrels. The creation of the beer is veiled in complete secrecy with the recipe being burned upon completion.

“It’s not very often we get to fete the arrival of a new Pontiff. We felt this was an exceptional event worthy of a new release from our Lost Abbey Barrel Program.” 

This will be an extremely rare release with an estimated 100 cases available. Starting March 23rd at 10am bottles will be available at the brewery on a first-come-first-served basis at $35 per 750 mL bottle.

Style: Barleywine (Barrel Aged)
Arrival: March 23, 2013
Availability: 750 mL bottles

15% ABV 

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SEASONAL RETURN: Southern Tier’s “Gemini”

Southern Tier Brewing (Lakefront, NY) releases 2 beers in January – Backburner Barleywine, and Gemini.  Gemini is a bold imperial IPA that is actually a blend of 2 other hoppy offerings by the brewery – Hoppe & Unearthly.  The offspring is a beer worth a trip to the store.

Commercial Description:
High in the winter sky, two parallel stick figures are visible & known as “the twins,” or the constellation Gemini. The astronauts of the 1960s flew as teams of two in a program named after the celestial pairing. At Southern Tier, we have our own fraternal twins, Hoppe & Unearthly. Blended together & placed in this vessel, the mission of our Gemini is to travel high & take passengers on a journey far into the heavens.

Style: Imperial IPA (blended)
Hops: (Kettle) Columbus, Chinook, Cascade. (Aroma) Amarillo. (Hop Back) Styrian Golding.  (Dry Hops) Amarillo, Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Columbus.
Malts: 2 Row Pale, Malted White Wheat, Cara-pils Malt, Red Wheat

Taste Expectations: The wheat really softens the mouthfeel of this beer.  Hoppy for sure, with grapefruit, citrus & pine shining through. Creamy & smooth. Drink fresh!

Availability: 22oz bombers. Draft.  Late January seasonal.

10.5% ABV