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Sea Buckthorn, Beach Salt, Rum. Fermented Underwater

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away  (Scotland) there was a fisherman with a wife who was a witch.  The man would go fishing each day, and the witchy wife would cast a spell so the husband would catch more fish.  However, he wasn’t fishing, he was drunk in a boat.  This pissed off the wife, so she cursed the shoreline.  Huge storm. Fisherman husband died. Now, you through a beer bottle into the ocean to break the curse.  Enter Brewdog.

The first IPA fermented under the ocean.  The brewing pair of Watt & Dickie used sea buckthorn, ocean salt, and of course – rum.  Then 2 fermenters, thrown into the ocean.  It’s so cold an ale yeast won’t work, they had to use a lager yeast.  Don’t believe me? Check out Sunk Punk, the video.