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Beer Pairings with Screamin’ Sicilian Pizza (Sponsored)

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Screamin Sicilian has us completely hooked on frozen pizza again. For a long time the Beer Street Journal team has been drinking fridges full of craft beer, and ordering in pizza. Half the time the pizza arrived hot, the other half of the time we were lucky to get it the same day we ordered it.

When Screamin Sicilian came to us with these new frozen pizzas to try, one taste and we knew. These are best pizzas Beer Street Journal has ever put in our freezer.

So, with four new Screamin Sicilian pizzas to pair with awesome craft beer, Beer Street Journal and Screamin Sicilian bring you a new round of pairings.

Three Little Piggies

You love meat pizza? Screamin’ Sicilian’s BBQ sauce based, sausage, pulled pork and bacon pizza better be your choice. Since this pizza is hearty, we loved Stone Pale Ale 2.0. A brand new recipe for one of their oldest and popular beers, now with a more “tropical” hop note.

Boss Hog

Screamin Sicilian’s spicy Italian sausage pizza. Spicy and hoppy go well together. Starr Hill’s Northern Lights IPA has also just been reformulated, and better than ever. Try also SweetWater IPA, or Port Anniversary Ale for good measure.

Spicy Clucker

Probably Screamin’ Sicilian’s craziest pizza. The jalepeno, chicken, bacon, ranch, and cheese pizza needs beer that’s just as crazy. That pizza goes big and so did we. New Holland Dragon’s Milk (aged in bourbon) and, because we could, Sierra Nevada Bourbon Barrel Aged Barleywine. Rich pizza needs rich beer. Especially aged in bourbon.

Friar Cluck

A white meat chicken parmesan pizza, requires a beer with a little nuance. The Bruery’s Saison Rue makes the breaded chicken and piles of mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese pop. People fought over this pairing.

All in all, Screamin’ Sicilian has a diverse lineup that changes the frozen pizza game. Just like craft beer changes your perception of what beer can be. You are here on Beer Street Journal because you love beer. All you need is some of the best frozen pizza to tie it all together. Go Screamin’ Sicilian. Your beer needs the best.