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Sapporo Premium Black headed stateside, first new release in 12 years

Sapporo Black

Sapporo Premium Black is headed to to the United States in September, the first new Sapporo beer since 2004.

Sapporo is the oldest beer brand in Japan, founded in 1876. Sapporo Premium Beer, one of the most well known Asian beers in the world, is a pale lager, and among the top selling Asian beer brands in the United States.

Sapporo Premium Black is the “dark side” of the original Sapporo, a dark lager.

Opaque with a stable tan foam, Sapporo Premium Black exudes aromas of chocolate and roasted malt, complimented by a sweet, round fullness and flavors of chocolate and black coffee on the palate. Bold and smooth, the beer is clean on the finish with an aftertaste of hop bitterness.

Sapporo Premium Black will be available starting September 1st in the brewery’s iconic 22 ounce steel cans. Brewed and canned at the Sapporo’s Sleeman Brewery in Guelph, Canada.

Style: Dark Lager
Availability: 22oz Cans
Debut: 9/1/16

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