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Santa Needs Lovin Too

Beer Here Brewing is adding to their American offerings this winter.  Joining Dark Hops and Morke, Yule Ale (called Yulewine in Denmark) is headed stateside.  Beer Here is the result of Danish brewer Christian Skovdal Andersen’s brewing adventures beginning in 2004.  Christian and partner started Olfabrikken Brewing, which translates to “The Beer Factory.”  Before long, Christian and his partner went their separate ways, allowing him to found Beer Here Brewery.

Commercial Description:

 Yulewine is big and uncompromising English style barleywine made from 100% certified organic ingredients.  When poured it will embrace you with its rum like notes from dark sugar added to the kettle.  Modest hopping takes the backseat to mouth filling malt character chased by warming alcohol.  Enjoy it at cellar temperature after a good meal now or keep it for a few years as it will improve for years to come.  

Style: English Barleywine

Availability: 16.9 oz bottles

11% ABV