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Saint Arnold Winter Returns, Malts A Bit Different

Saint Arnold’s Winter Stout is back on shelves as of today.  First brewed in 1996.  This years edition was changed just slightly – as the brewer struggled to get a particular malt called Special B.  This years batch is 1/2 Crystal Dark, & 1/2 Special B.

A creamy, full bodied sweet stout with a subtle chocolate and coffee flavors and a well balanced soft roastiness. Saint Arnold Winter Stout is loosely filtered to preserve a rich mouthfeel which is particularly satisfying during the colder months.

Style: American Stout
Taste Expectations: Creamy flavor. With notes of chocolate & roasty coffee.  This years release might taste a little different. (In a good way of course.)
Availability: 12oz bottles, Draft. Winter Seasonal.

4.5% ABV 

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