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Saint Arnold Divine Reserve #12, July 31st

Edition #12 in Saint Arnold Brewing (Houston, TX) Divine Reserve Series arrives on July 31, 2012.This edition is an old ale  based on the 2011 Big Batch Brew Bash home brew competition winning recipe by David Rogers.

Each release is a one-off recipe with no specific style guidelines.

Style: Old Ale
Availability: 12 oz bottles
Arrival: 7/31/12

11% ABV

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2 thoughts on “Saint Arnold Divine Reserve #12, July 31st

  1. nice to know Mckinney gets it before the hometown does, not that it would’ve mattered if you weren’t a greedy hoarder waiting in long lines, driving across town jumping thru hoops so you could try to sell it on Clist at 200% markup to a “real” beer drinker 

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