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Sierra Nevada/Dogfish Life & Limb #2

I’ve dug up enough on this to where it warrants a post about it.  It is starting to seem that the Sierra Nevada/Dogfish Head collaboration “Life & Limb” might make a secondary appearance in 2011.  Or something like it.

Life & Limb was an American strong ale released in late 2009.  The beer was the brainchild of Sam Calgione & Ken Grossman.  It was intended to be a one time release and a candidate for extended cellaring.  Getting back to the rumor, I have been looking into Sierra Nevada’s 2011 plans and there are 3 big things brewing (pun intended). First, Hoptimum – and imperial IPA that is about a week away from shelves.  Secondly, the Abbey Series collaboration.  Another biggie – Life & Limb.  Either a re-release OR a second edition.  Signs right now point to a 2nd edition, maybe different than the first.

{UPDATE} – Dogfish did have this to say on Twitter! Get excited folks!

@ATLBeerMaster yes – we are talking with @SierraNevada about another batch of Life & Limb in 2011

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