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Discovery’s Brew Masters

UPDATE: 11/1/11.  Show has been dropped by Discovery Channel.   6th Episode has yet to air. 


I just received a call from Network Communications Spokesperson at The Discovery Channel:  [Discovery Channel] is working on completing the final episode #6 of Brew Masters.  It will be airing by early spring.  They have NOT cancelled the show.  Brew Masters was slated for an initial 6 episode run.  Once the 6 are completed, Discovery Channel & Dogfish Head will evaluate the response and future direction.

3:20 pm: Washington Post article indicates show was a 6 episode run.  The article concludes mentioning a delay in finishing episode 6, & an uncertain future.  Article link —> Article quote: “Also yet to be decided: Whether the Discovery Channel will film additional episodes of “Brew Masters.” “Our production and development people are keeping all options open,” Weinberg said.”

3:10 pm: Found this tweet from Dec 24

3:00 pm: Made calls to Discovery Channels Media/Public Relations line.  Only voicemail. No one picks up the phone at Dogfish Head…

2:30 pm – Ok.  So much for trying to be an attentive blogger.  I think I stepped into a wasp’s nest on this one.  A friend in Delaware gathered this info at the brewpub that Brew Masters is basically done.   I found another article just now that mentions the same info —> The Discovery Channel maintains there is more content in progress.

So… sorry for any alarm. I can’t find anymore info yet.  Time will tell.

1:45pm – UPDATE: The Discovery Channel just sent me a message that they are currently working on show content.  Vague, not sure what that means… but seems like cancelled is too hasty.  We’ll see.  (Special thanks to @HopMonkey too)

12:50pm – A friend close to Dogfish Head just told me that Brew Masters is no more. Or at least that is the rumor.

It’s been weeks since the last episode, and people were starting to wonder whats up.   Apparently – nothing.  The Discovery Channel website has no mention of the show discontinuing, and The Dogfish Blog has no mention of the state of affairs right now.  I hope the rumor is false.  But… since we haven’t seen an episode in weeks, seems plausible.

More to follow …

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