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Redd’s Apple Ale Launches (PR)

Redd’s Apple Ale Launches In Select States

New Brew Delivers the Refreshing and Crisp Taste of Apple 

ALBANY, GA (September 19, 2012) — Crisp like an apple.  Brewed like an ale.  Redd’s Apple Ale is now available in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas.

Redd’s Apple Ale is an apple flavored golden ale with low malty and bitterness cues.  With a crisp clean finish that allows the natural apple flavor to come through, this ale is for those times when you are looking to branch out and try something different.

“We are proud to introduce a refreshingly crisp brew that showcases the natural flavor of apples,” said Andrew Zrike, brand manager of Redd’s Apple Ale.  “By blending the flavor of apples into a golden ale, Redd’s Apple Ale is the perfect choice for the times when you want a refreshing and sweet alternative to your everyday beers.”

Redd’s Apple Ale is available in 6-pack bottles at 5 percent alcohol by volume and only 165 calories per 12 ounce bottle serving.  Learn more about and find out where it is available by visiting and

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