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Red Trolley Goes Off The Rails

Karl Strauss Off The Rails

Karl Strauss Off The Rails

Karl Strauss Brewing has been brewing Red Trolley for the better part of 20 years.  Red Trolley was first brewed at Christmas, and many thought it would have stayed a seasonal.  In a Fat Tire turned Super Cru style maneuver, Karl and friends are taking this beer and doubling your fun.   From their press release:

“Brewed with an impressive amount of caramel 60 and 80 malts, and a healthy dose of Willamette and Warrior hops, the finished beer has the same flavors as Red Trolley Ale, but with a more assertive and complex malt profile, and a warming increase in alcohol….  “Each time we brew this beer, our fans clamor for more.  It’s really rewarding to be able to offer this beer in bottles for the first time,” says Segura.

Off The Rails has made a few small draft appearances.   2011 marks the first time in the bottle.

Style: Imperial Red Ale
Hops: Willamette, Warrior
Malts: Caramel 60, Caramel 80
Taste Expectations (Per KS): Rich toffee flavors, undertones of dark fruits, and a derailing hop character.
Availability: 22oz bombers, draft. Southern CA.

8.5% ABV

Karl Strauss Off The Rails