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RARE BEER ALERT – Sierra Nevada I.D.E.A

Sierra Nevada I.D.E.A

Sierra Nevada I.D.E.A

If you are reading this, leave your house or work. There is a rare beer on tap right now that you have to have; otherwise you will never see it again.

Sierra Nevada hosts “beer camps” at their brewery in California. It allows the average person (typically restaurant owners or VIP beer geeks) a change to get involved with the brewing process alongside the pro brewers at Sierra. (An Atlanta local — Fred Crudder with Taco Mac also got to take part, and created Sierra Nevada Hop Secret 393.) Luckily, we beer geeks here got a chance to taste that beer a few months ago (yet another rare creation never to be seen again.)

Well, here is another chance at a super rare, one time beerportunity (my blog I can make up words if I want to…) to have something you will never see again- Sierra Nevada India Dark Elusive Ale — aka I.D.E.A. There is a keg.. (A SINGLE KEG) currently pouring at Manuel’s Tavern in Atlanta.

Why go? How is it?

I hope you love surprises. This is a beer that you really don’t know what you are going to get just by looking at it. At first glance, this beer looks also like a porter. This beer is actually dark brown, and has a malty tone when poured.

In keeping with the promise of simplifying beer reviews ( for the not beer expert), this beer does not taste like it looks. The taste — more greatly resembles an IPA — as the hops come right out immediately. The finish is the fun part and up for debate. I tasted what I believe to be a hint of apricot. As it warms up — a tiny bit of coffee.

This is a fun beer to try. It is so unique you probably won’t forget it. If I were you, I wouldn’t miss the opportunity… if there is any left.

Manual’s Tavern
602 N. Highland Ave, Atlanta

Notes — Sierra Nevada I.D.E.A. was in part – created by Chris Holder and Rachel Ryan of Capital City Ale House in Richmond, Virginia. (and of course

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