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Prehistoric Half Acre Bones & All Hits 1/16

On January 16th, Half Acre Beer Co (Chicago, IL) releases Bones & All Belgian Brown Ale. As giddy as this beer would back Ross Gellar, New York City is a little far away. He should try it though, it’s described as pretty darn good.

We’re dipping our toes into the waters of Belgium with Bones & All. Our first foray into the style in quite awhile, we are quite excited to offer you this 5.4% ABV Belgian Brown Ale. Brewer Michael Carroll, our expert on all things Belgian style, gave the beer a glowing endorsement, calling it “pretty darn good”. Brewer Matt Young echoes this sentiment, calling Bones & All “well-balanced” and “very good”. So there you go. Two positive reviews from two dudes who know their beers.

Style: Belgian Style Brown Ale Availability: Draft Only
Arrival: 1/16/13

5.4% ABV