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Pennsylvania To Allow Beer Home Delivery

In a land of state run liquor stores, six pack sales restrictions, and odd Sunday sales laws, a glimmer goodness has arisen. The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) has made it legal to get a beer delivered to your house. Granted it’s with food.

Restaurants that server food – like pizza places, Chinese food, grocery stores, etc. are legally allowed to deliver beer to the consumer’s front door.

A spokesperson for PLCB tells Beer Street Journal that beer can be delivered under these circumstances:

  • – Beer must be paid for by credit card
  • – Business selling “malt-brewed” beverages (this was very specific) must have a “transporter-for-hire” license.
  • – License cost averages $1,000
  • – Limit for transportation is 192 ounces. Or 16, 12 oz beers.
  • – PLCB will monitor deliveries for underage sales or ounce violations

Presumably this could be a benefit for businesses with an impressive beer list that draws customers to the tables. Having the option to eat and drink at home could be a financial boom. Downside could entail liability issues. PLCB is known for their stiff penalties, and raids (Example, Monk’s Cafe in Philly).

Six packs are hard to come by in the state of Pennsylvania. The state run liquor stores require beer be purchased by the case. (There are exceptions to this rule.) Those wanting six packs of  their favorite beer are forced to purchase at a bar, for a markup

2 thoughts on “Pennsylvania To Allow Beer Home Delivery

  1. Just an FYI, the state run stores do not sell any beer. Beer is sold by the case at distributors who are licensed by the state.

  2. I am not sure what the hullabaloo is really all about, but I remember when I was a little girl, and I’m old, my dad had a case of beer delivered to our house every week. When I think back he enjoyed a beer or two at home and actually the bottles were returnable and were recycled. Maybe we should try that now!!!!

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