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Paste Magazine’s New Beers Of Spring

I got the honor of writing a new article for Paste Magazine this week.  The subject of this article are new beers to look forward to this spring… Here’s the article intro:

Spring brings the changing of the season, and for beer, that means delicious, new brews. That’s the main reason I look forward to pollen, sneezing and those days when it’s not quite warm, but not quite cold either. Using very unscientific math, I figure there are around 1,700 or so craft brewers in the United States alone. Factor in our foreign counterparts, and that number easily surpasses 3,000. If each one of those breweries releases just one beer this spring, we’ll never come close to trying them all. How does one pick just a few for a list? It’s actually not that hard. What are people are talking about on Twitter, via e-mail, beer websites, etc.? The buzz is out there; it just takes a beer drinking internet nerd like myself to condense it. So, as the new season slowly arrives this year, below is but a small sampling of beers to start getting excited about.

Article Link—> Paste Magazine’s 16 Beers Of Spring