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Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Gets Hollywood Love in “Tammy” [PICS]

Recently released (on BluRay, digital download, RedBox or however you watch movies these days) is Tammy. The movie features a very awkward Melissa McCarthy and her grandmother played by Susan Sarandon.

Sarandon chugs her share of Oskar Blue’s Dale’s Pale Ale (along with Melissa) for a good bit of the film. There’s even a scene where¬†Sarandon’s character is told she can’t drink beer (Dale’s), and she says”No, it’s my juice.”

The cans are from the brewery’s Brevard, North Carolina location. The placement makes sense too, as most of the principal photography was shot in Wilmington, North Carolina.

SweetWater, Terrapin and Jailhouse have seen a good bit of silver screen love in The Walking Dead over the past couple of seasons.

I bet she could drink me under the table.

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