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Orpheus Coffee Minotaur, aged in whiskey debuts

Orpheus Coffee Minotaur

Orpheus Coffee Minotaur releases on August 3rd. A new sour ale by the Atlanta based brewery.

Since day one, Orpheus has been expanding their barrel program. Finally, there is enough barrel room to release Orpheus Coffee Minotaur, an whiskey oak-aged sour ale.

Brewery founder Jason Pellet tells Beer Street Journal that the base beer is sort of a sour amber, brewed with Golden Promise malt and Munich malt. The coffee is from Java Lords, found on Euclid Avenue in Atlanta. In total, the beer spent a total of 5 months in Heaven Hill & Jack Daniels Single barrels.

The story of Orpheus is a story of rebirth, first in his journey into and out of Hades, and finally in the transmigration of his soul into the body of a swan. We pay tribute to this rebirth with ever beer we put into barrels, to be transformed by its time in the wood as something new. Orpheus Coffee Minotaur

Orpheus Coffee Minotaur is a 22 ounce bottle release, available as a souvenir on the tour on August 3rd.

Style: American Wild/Sour Ale (w/ Coffee. Barrel Aged. Whiskey)
Availability: 22oz Bottles, Draft. Limited Release.
Debut: August, 2016

8% ABV

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