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Op-Ed: Women & Beer Stereotype Persists

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Did you know that as a lady it is incredibly difficult to read a beer menu and pick one out? Good thing I have a man to get me a sweet, fruity beer since having a vagina clearly disables me from figuring out what I like on my own – at least according to this article from Women’s Forum. Who is still out there making the beer world a men vs. women industry? Because I’d like to meet you and promptly set you straight using whatever means necessary. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with fruit beers, but stop stereotyping. I’ve met women who can pick out hop varieties just from smelling their beers, that can distinguish flavors and nuances using incredibly developed palates, and can drink many men under the table for days. As far as I’m concerned, this video (which isn’t embeddable unfortunately) and article are garbage.

Women, men, everyone – if you’re interested in getting into beer, but aren’t sure where to start, find positive resources amongst the community to guide you on your way. Go to the store or bar and try things to find your own favorites. Ladies: don’t be afraid to chat with other women who are already submerged such as The Beer Wench, Ladies of Craft Beer, or Hey Brewtiful just to name a few. Jeez tweet me personally if you want! Don’t be scared and don’t let anyone stop you from ordering the super dank dry-hopped IPA just because you have lady parts.

6 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Women & Beer Stereotype Persists

  1. I know many women who are beer experts. The whole article is BS. Most fruit lambics are nowhere near that percentage of alcohol. And ciders are not beer.

    • I agree! It’s so ridiculous. I’m going to have to remember to devote a little more time to Stouts and Stilettos these days. These ladies need us!

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