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Good News for Gluten Free Drinkers

Just this past weekend, a few of us were lounging by the pool. A friend that loves beer, but medically has to drink gluten-free was trying to be sneaky about her bottles of Omission Lager and Pale Ale in a glass free zone. Sadly, there aren’t many gluten-free options in cans.

There just might be some good news for her. As you can see above, it looks like Omission Lager could see aluminum soon. Great news for those gluten-free drinkers needing some versatility.

The Omission series is brewed by Widmer Brothers Brewing in Portland, Oregon. Instead of brewing without gluten, the brewery has developed a propriety process to remove it. The result is some of the best gluten-free beer we’ve tasted to date.

Omission Lager is a refreshing and crisp beer, brewed in the traditional lager style. Perfect for a variety of beer drinking occasions, Omission Lager’s aromatic hop profile offers a unique, easy-drinking beer for those looking for a lighter and approachable beer style.

Ommision Lager is one of three in the family, alongside Omission Pale Ale and Omission IPA. You can find the current selections in 12oz bottles & draft.

Style: Lager
Hops: Citra, Sterling, Mt. Hood
Malts: Pale, Caramel

Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft. Cans (TBA)

4.6% ABV, 20 IBUs

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