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Offshoot Beer Cart IPA debuts

Offshoot Beer Cart IPA

Offshoot Beer Cart IPA is one of two IPAs joining Offshoot Beer Co.’s (aka The Bruery’s) hop focused lineup.

In sneaky fashion, The Bruery launched what most thought was an April’s Fool’s Joke – Offshoot Beer Co. As it turns out, they weren’t joking. The Bruery has said for years they were not going to make an IPA. Never say never.

The first two releases were Fashionably Late IPA, and Better Late Than Never. The names were definitely on point.

May brings Offshoot Beer Cart IPA, described as a hazy, juicy India pale ale featuring African Queen, Simcoe, and El Dorado hops and a touch of naked oats.

Those on Offshoot Beer Co.’s email least can purchase up to one 6-pack, for pick up at The Bruery’s fulfillment center.

Style: IPA
Hops: African Queen, El Dorado, Simcoe.
Malts: 2 Row, Vienna, Wheat, Golden Naked Oats

Availability: 16oz Cans. Limited
Debut: 5/24/17

6.7% ABV

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