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Now The Nation Can Have Wynkoop’s Balls

The ballsiest beer in American is may be coming to a distributor near you. Remember that beer made with Rocky Mountain Oysters that launched the same week as Great American Beer Fest? Maybe you’ve already cupped this beer in your hands personally? Well, Wynkoop has plans to release their Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout in 2 pack cans, and the nation can now grab some.  It’s described as “a luscious, creamy stout with loads of flavor  – everything from roasted barley and coffee to chocolate and nuts.”  Feel free to grab their package (gently!) of two cans and put it in your mouth – if you’ve got the balls to do it!  You will soon be able to order a pair of cans through [UPDATE 1/16: BeerJobber closes. No word on other sites shipping.]

Style: Stout (with Bull Testicles)
Availability: 12oz cans, Draft (@ Wynkoop)
Arrival: TBD

7% ABV, 3 BPB (Balls Per Barrel)

The video below, was once a April Fool’s Joke. Now… it’s for real.

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