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Now tapping – Fall Wild Ale by New Belgium

Fall Wild AleA little while ago, I wrote about the arrival of La Folie and Bier de Mars, part of the Lips of Faith collection from New Belgium Brewery.  (Find it Here.)  “Lips of Faith” brews are small batch “special effort” brews by NB.  Today Fall Wild Ale – another from the Lips of Faith lineup hits taps and soon shelves.

Fall Wild Ale is an American Wild Ale.  American Wild Ales are essentially beers that have been introduced to yeast strains like Brettanomyces (used in many Belgian style ales.)  Brett yeast is considered a “wild” yeast, adding a special flair, or funk (its a good thing)  to a beer.  (Want more about Brett yeast? Click Here)

Fall Wild Ale is spiced with schisandra, also know as Magnolia vine. It is a shrub that produces a berry the Chinese call “Five Flavor Fruit” because it contains all five basic flavors — sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter.   This berry gives Fall Wild Ale an interesting palate.

All in all, this dubbels carries 8.5% ABV.  Lots of malty, spicy, and fruity flavors to expect when tasting this ale.   Drinking Fall Wild Ale will give you a little more understanding of Brettanomyces based beers, and the intentional fruity, funk that comes with them.

Tapping alongside Fall Ale is La Folie, the Flemish sour ale by New Belgium.

Where? Various Taco Macs. Metro, Perimeter and Prado for sure.  When? By noon.

Wild Ale on shelves?  Soon.  More to come.