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Nodding Head Brews Sidney Crosby Namesake “Crosby Tears”

Nodding Head Brewery in Philadelphia, PA has a new beer on tap named for Sidney Crosby.   For those of you not fans of hockey, the Philadelphia Flyers & the Pittsburgh Penguins do NOT get along.  The Pens captain is one of the most hated by the Flyers team. The two teams played first round in this years Stanley Cup playoffs, where Philly eliminated the Penguins.

The beer: Crosby’s Tears.  The description:

Strong Ale, 8.7% ABV.  Whine-like in “honor” of its namesake… Orange hued like the team that sent him home this summer… the perfect compliment to a playoff run. 

During this year’s playoffs, Crosby in a post game interview said “I don’t like any guy on that [Flyers] team.”  The next game, the Flyers gave out this t-shirt.