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NoDa Brewing TriUmphant Tripel Again

NoDa Brewing (Charlotte, NC) is planning to re-release TriUmphant Ale. The tripel was the first bottle release by the brewery nearly a year ago this week. Last run, only 1,500 bottles were produced. The brewery is re-brewing this treat as you read this. Look for it again soon.

Tri-Umphant is brewed with traditional Belgian malts. continental hops. Belgian yeast and enough Belgian candi sugar In make an Umpalumpa blush. Whether your goal is to triumph over evil, hardships, busy traffic, or bland macro beer, your journey should be rewarded. The rich esters from our Belgian Yeast will fill your nose. mouth and soul with a feeling of accomplishment never seen before in a macro beer world.  Here at NoDa, we know that our triumphs are because of you, our supporting patrons, go we bottled this mighty ale for you!

Style: Belgian Style Tripel
Availability: TBA

9.7% ABV

Check out pics from the bottle release last year…