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Ninkasi Has 6 Between Now & January 2012

Ninkasi Circle LogoNinkasi Brewing has 6 beers coming out between now and January.  Here’s the rundown, via Brewpublic:

Sleigh’r Dark Double AltAlready available, through the end of the year.  7.2% ABV.

Imperiale Stout – In stores now.  9.1% abv and 70 IBUs.

The Little One — Second runnings of Critical Hit Barleywine.  (Like Small Beer from Anchor)

Sterling Pils – Pilsner, 4.9% ABV

Critical Hit Barleywine – An extremely hoppy barleywine, arriving in January, 2012.  11.7% ABV.

Renewale Porter – Last year was a red ale, this years is a porter.