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Next Dogfish Head Ancient Ale Echos Ancient Italian Civilization

The next beer in the Ancient Ale series from Dogfish Head will be derived from an Etruscan recipe from the year 800 BC.  Sam Calagione just returned from a trip to Italy where he experimented with different ingredients for this beer with Molecular Archeologist Dr. Pat, Leo of Birra del Borgo, and Teo of Baladin Brewery.

It sounds as if the recipe is not completely put together yet but will include some very interesting ingredients. It is derived from evidence found at Etruscan dig sites.   There is an Etruscan tree resin that Sam is considering for his new Ancient Ale.  Other ingredients may come from Casale Marittimo where they found ancient drinking vessels with a resonated beverage containing hazelnuts, pomegranates, tree resins, and dried grapes.  The recipe will also contain a local heirloom wheat called Saragolla which dates back to 400 BC.

Along with these ancient Italian ingredients, Sam will also be using a mix of chestnut and wildflower honey from the region.  A tiny bit of hops will also be added as each brewery will pull a single leaf from one hop cone to add to the boil.

Much like the Saison du Buff brews, each brewery, Birra del Borgo, Baladin, and Dogfish Head will each release their own versions of this beer using the same ingredients but different process and materials.  For example, Birra del Borgo has built terra cotta fermenters specifically for this beer.  This ancient Italian brew will be released later this year.  [Dogfish Head]