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Brian Strumke’s Beer Table Table Beer

The latest Stillwater Artisanal Ales brew is a collaboration with Brooklyn’s Beer Table.  Strumke’s beer was brewed with Belgian yeasts, featuring Brettanomyces yeast, and plenty of hops.  It comes in at an easy drinking 4.7% ABV.  It is available now at Beer Table in New York in both bottle and draft.

There will actually be a series of these collaborative beers called Table Beer.  The goal is to create a series of beers that one could drink everyday.  The brewers of these beers were asked to make a beer that they fully understand and explain.  They have also committed to producing the beer on a fairly large scale and regularly.

A quote from Brian Strumke on his Table Beer label:

“So for designing my table beer I had to balance all my imbibing desires into a compilation of some of my favorite attributes; thus creating a product that would be pleasing on any day or time. Crisp, dry finish highlighted by esters of Belgian yeast and the light funk of Brettanomyces; then accented with an abundance of hops adding a piney, earthy aroma. Balance is always the goal, but for this I also wanted extreme quaff-ability, refreshment, and subtle complexible… Classic? perhaps.”  [Table Beer]