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NEW RELEASE: Smuttynose Really Old Brown Dog

.You’ve probably seen Smuttynose Brewing’s brown ale – “Old Brown Dog.”  This release expands on the brown dog a beloved member of the brewery.   Smuttynose gives you some info:

Old Ale (also known as “Stock” Ale), is a full-bodied beer with high levels of dextrins. In times past, this beer was typically laid up to mature, hence the name. The color varies from rich, dark amber to a very dark brown. This style features fruity, vinuous & deep, malty flavors, giving it an almost port-like qualities. Sight acidity is not uncommon. Olive, iconic mascot & spirit guide of our brewery, first appeared on our Old Brown Dog label in 1994 & returned, thirteen years later, to pose for our Really Old Brown Dog, a luscious, malt-rich, full bodied “old ale” featuring deep notes of complex fruit. Much like our beloved Olive, this beer will mellow & age gracefully.

Beer Rundown (Known Ingredients)
Style: Old Ale
Hops: Liberty, Crystal
Malts: Pilsner Malt, Pale Ale Malt, Crystal 60L, Brown Malt, Special B

Taste Expecations: Dark malts, molasses and brown sugar.  Some alcohol warming in finish.  A good fall/winter brew.  There are some notes of age, typical of an Old Ale.

Availability: 22oz Bombers. Draft. Small Batch seasonal brew.

Cellar? Yes.  Old Ales can be cellared, and benefit from extended cellaring.  Smuttynose mentions the ale will mellow and age gracefully.

10% ABV