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New Release – Rogue Chatoe Single Malt Ale

The 3rd release in the “Chatoe Rogue” series has arrived – Single Malt Ale.  Chatoe Rogue is what Rogue Brewery calls “GYO certified” or “Grow Your Own.”  All the malt and hops are grown onsite at Rogue Brewery.   The beers contain no additives, chemicals, or preservatives.  These beers on are one time, small batch brews.

Single Malt Ale is an American Blonde Ale.  Blonde ales are an American craft descendant of the kolsch brewing style.  Typically, blonde ales are malt forward brews, with very light hop presence.  Usually noble hops are used.

Single malt ale uses just 4 ingredients –

Malts – Rogue Barley Farm first growth Dareâ„¢ malts

Hops – Rogue Hopyard first growth Revolution Hops

Yeast – Pacman – 4 ingredient – Coastal Free Range Water

?? % ABV

30 IBU

Availability – 22oz Bomber bottles. No word on draft offerings.  Small batch 1 time special release