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NEW RELEASE: Baird Beer Jubilation Ale

Someone said to me yesterday – Japanese Christmas Beer? My reply was – of course! Baird Beer was founded in 2000 in Numazu, Japan by the husband & wife team of Bryan and Sayuri Baird.  Their approach to craft brewing is simple.  Balance + Complexity = Character.  I tend to agree.

Commercial Description:
This celebratory ale is brewed with freshly picked Japanese figs and cinnamon twigs. Rich and opulent, it is emblematic of the good cheer and renewed energy with which Japanese celebrate the coming of each New Year.

Style: Winter Warmer

Brewed with Japanese figs, & cinnamon

Taste Expectations: Figs & honey.  Cinnamon, raisin, & malt provide a warming flavor as you drink. Festive, flavorful, clean.

Availability: 22 oz Bombers. December Seasonal.

7% ABV