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New in Bottle – Shiner Frost

Spoetzel Brewery, makers of Shiner Beers out of Shiner, Texas just released Shiner Frost.  Thought this would be a good time to explain a style of beer.

Frost is a Dortmunder.  This style first originated in Dortmund, Germany in 1873.  This pale lager was first brewed by Dortmunder Union for the industrial workers of Dortmund.   The Dortmunder style is influenced heavily from Pilsner, a golden beer with noble hops. (Noble hops, are more for beer bittering, and not strong hop aroma like IPA’s.)

You will find a Dortmunder to have some Pilsner tones to it, or characteristics of a full bodied lager.  In respect to Frost, it’s a hand crafted micro brewed lager.

Frost is available in 6 packs.  & ½ Barrels, seasonally.

5.5% ABV