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New Holland Spirits Releases New Whiskey

Breakfast whiskey. That’s what New Holland Artisanal Spirits is calling new Bill’s Michigan Wheat. Why? It’s just that smooth. It took more than six years for Brett Vandekamp, founder and president of New Holland to take a vacation after founder the brewery. His trip away from beer took him to Puerto Rico, for beaches and lots of rum. The fascenation for craft distilling grew, and the spirits division was born.

The search for information on distilling lead Vandekamp to cross paths with the man that inspired him to open New Holland in the first place – Bill Owens. One a trip to Michigan, Owens and Vandekamp made the first wash of this whiskey with locally sourced wheat, to be then aged in white oak for 14 months.

Tasting notes:  Aroma has notes of clove and spice. Soft sweetness on the entry, followed by a rich body with hints of honey and vanilla bean layered against subtle spiciness and a smooth, clean finish.

Available Now in 750ml bottles. ERP: $39.99