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New Bottle Offering – Victory Moonglow Weisenbock

Victory Brewing -  Moonglow WeizenBock

Victory Brewing – Moonglow WeizenBock

Attention Victory fans, a new bottle offering is hitting Atlanta shelves – Moonglow Weisenbock. Moonglow is an amber wheat beer, of strong ABV, and spicy.

Many were a little upset when Victory Helios (a rebranded V-Saison, capped not corked) wasn’t going to be offered in Atlanta. As a small consolation, Victory would like to offer Moonglow. MGW is a Bavarian style Weisenbock, unfiltered, with a Belgian style yeast strain. (Brettanomyces?)

Composed of German malted wheat, and German whole hop flowers, the yeast is also of German origin.
It clocks in at 8.7% ABV, and is only produced in September through October. Available in 12 oz — 6 packs.