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New Belgium’s Frambozen Returns

New Belgium Brewing’s Frambozen is hitting the shelves again for another holiday go-round. 

Frambozen means raspberries in Flemish, as the beer is inspired by Belgian Framboises (that use more berries than hops.)   Raspberries are freshly picked in the pacific northwest, pressed into juice on site, then loaded into oxygen-free CO2 headed for the brewery.
“Frambozen is one of our staple holiday releases because it’s absolutely perfect with many of the traditional meals served this time of year,” said Grady Hull, Assistant Brewmaster at New Belgium Brewing. “Additionally, it is a gorgeous color, has a fun tale about its creation and even makes a great stocking stuffer.”

Style: Fruit beer
Taste Expectations: Raspberries, caramel, chocolate.  Creamy, with a slight floral hop flavor.
Availability: 12oz bottles, draft

6.5% ABV