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Napa Smith Grateful Dog Mixes Beer & Wine Flavors

Napa Smith Grateful Dog

Napa Smith Grateful Dog

Napa Smith Brewing is set to release “Grateful Dog” an imperial porter in a few weeks.  Napa Smith is situated in the the heart of Napa Valley- aka wine country, you’ll understand the interesting list of ingredients for this brew.

About Grateful Dog:
Limited release barleywine that contains 2-yr old barrel-aged porter and late-harvest Semillion grapes from Roger Harrison, one of the most noted desert wine specialists in California (he makes the Nightingale dessert wine for Beringer). It is soft on the pallet, with a creamy off-white head; a nice hop balance, containing Cluster, Mt Hood, Centennial, and Cascade hops. The malt bill includes Gambrinus ESB and Caramel 40 which contribute to a lingering finish. The Imperial Porter added to the blend has been aging for over 2 years in a combination of new barrels and barrels that previously contained Zinfandel wine.

Style: Imperial Porter (wine barrel aged)
Hops: Cluster, Mt. Hood, Centennial, Cascade
Malts: Gambrinus ESB, Caramel 40

Semillion Grapes

10% ABV