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More Details: Hunahpu Day 2012

More info on Cigar City Brewing’s Hunahpu Day 2012, coming March 10, 2012…

On Saturday, March 10th, we will be releasing Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout. Just like the previous two times we’ve released it, we’re going to devote the day to its release.

Here are the most important things to know that everyone is asking us:

– The event starts at 11am, when the tasting room opens up as usual.
– The bottles will go on sale at 3:30pm.
– The bottles are $20 per bottle. – There is a 3 bottle limit per person.
– Wristbands will be utilized just like last year. When entering the gate to the event, you will be asked for your I.D. If you’re over 21, you will get one wristband. If you want to purchase bottles of Hunahpu’s, you will get another one. Your Hunahpu’s wristband will be cut once you’ve purchased the bottles.
– All bottle sales will be cash only.
– The bottle limit will end at 7:30pm. If there are any bottles remaining, you will be able to purchase any amount of bottles you want, regardless of whether you’ve purchased any before or not.
– We will have several different stations to purchase the bottles of Hunahpu’s starting at 3:30, so it should be quicker and easier than previous years.
– No growlers of any kind will be sold during the day. And no sample flights as well.
– There will also be no tours on this day at all. Expect Friday to be fairly busy as well, so if you wish to plan a tour for that weekend, you should book it now.

Some pretty awesome things to consider for this year’s event:

– The entire parking lot will be wet-zoned and closed off for the event. Meaning, there will be no parking at all on our property.
– There will be parking available at the IRS building at 3848 W. Columbus Drive.
– There will be a shuttle service for that parking lot to the brewery that starts at 9am and runs throughout the day.
– There are several local hotels around us who will be offering shuttle services as well, and it might be a good idea to get a room there. We will soon be offering special codes to use at these hotels.
– We plan to have a whole slew of different food trucks on premise serving up great food. In addition there will also be several other food vendors.
– Live music and other entertainment!
– The tasting room will be accepting credit cards on drinks. Almost everything else will be cash only, so be prepared!
– There will be an ATM available.
– We again expect the local homebrew clubs to be pouring some of their finest beers.
– We will be providing fresh Cuban coffee and bread for those who wish to queue up before the event opens at 11am.
– Feel free to bring beers to share with everyone. We encourage this behavior, especially if you share with CCB employees!

We plan to have several guest beers and other exciting stuff on tap, as well as, of course, our own offerings. Those special beers will be announced at a later date (ya know, when we figure out what we have and don’t have