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More Amazing Bottle Art For Grimm Brothers

Grimm Brothers (Loveland, CO) is expanding their bottling with the addition of Little Red Cap and Fearless Youth.  Both beers are year round offerings.  The brewery’s beers are based around a fable theme, with some of the best labels I’ve seen in a long time.

Fearless Youth, Munich Dunkel Lager 5.2% ABV

Once upon a time in the land of Bavaria, a darkness fell upon the beer in the town of Munich. But have no fear — this darkness was born of a toasted malt that produces a bready chocolate flavor. This full-bodied brew is now known as a Munich Dunkel. Our dunkel is made with just enough hoppy bitterness to scare away any overt sweetness. Then it is carefully lagered to produce a cleanness that no one will shudder at

Little Red Cap, Altbier 5.2% ABV

Once upon a time in the ancient city of Düsseldorf, monks perfected a style of brewing that used the top-fermenting yeast of an ale and the cold conditioning of a lager. The result was a clean-tasting, full-bodied ale, known as altbier, At Grimm Brothers, we’ve crafted our own version of an altbier from specialty malts and the finest European and American hops. Like its namesake, Little Red Cap is copper-colored and alluringly sweet. But don’t be fooled — there’s some sass hidden under that hood. Big bad wolves beware!